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Coventry Lib Dems outside Coventry Council House

  • Leadership Election 2019
    Article: Jun 11, 2019
    By Atinuke Proctor

    On the 24th May 2019, Sir Vince Cable announced his intention to stand down as Leader of the Liberal Democrats, formally starting the Liberal Democrat Leadership election.

    Nominations for the position of Leader closed on 7th June, with Jo Swinson (MP for East Dunbartonshire, Deputy Leader and Foreign Affairs Spokesperson) and Ed Davey (MP for Kingston and Surbiton, and Home Affairs Spokesperson) formally confirmed as the two potential candidates for the position.

  • Sir Vince speaks to LBC at Birmingham New Street for European Elections 2019
    Article: May 25, 2019

    On Tuesday 21st May, the Coventry Liberal Democrats hosted an "Afternoon of Action" to campaign for the European Elections which took place on Thursday 23rd May.

    The afternoon began with a campaign event where Sir Vince Cable visited Birmingham New Street Station to campaign for the European Elections 2019.

  • Coventry Lib Dems canvassing and leafleting with Phil Bennion
    Article: May 17, 2019

    Over the month of May, Coventry Liberal Democrats have been out canvassing with key West Midlands Liberal Democrat candidates for the European Elections 2019.

    This included Former County and West Midlands Lib Dem MEP Phil Bennion (pictured furthest right above). Phillip was MEP for the West Midlands from 2012-14 and played a leading role in introducing tougher safety standards for lorries following concerns about safety of cyclists and pedestrians. He was described as "someone to be reckoned with in the European Parliament" by President of the European Liberals Hans van Baalen MEP. He was also instrumental in blocking some misguided employment legislation working with Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson, who was the UK minister sitting on the Employment Council at that time. Before he was an MEP he orchestrated the successful campaign to introduce environmental criteria for biomass to prevent virgin forest qualifying as renewable energy.

  • Article: Jun 7, 2017

    As the former Business Secretary I can't not intervene at this decisive moment in British politics.

    In a speech this week I condemned the Tories and Labour for turning their backs on the economy, and explained that the Liberal Democrats are the only real party of business.

    You don't have to take my word for it. Today the Lib Dems were endorsed by none other than The Economist. And a letter in the Financial Times from prominent tech figures also backs us.

  • Article: Jun 6, 2017
  • Article: Jun 5, 2017

    Azi Ahmed, who stood for the Conservative Party at the last election, introduced Vince Cable who gave a speech on the economy and Brexit in London today.

    Azi grew up in Oldham and served in the Territorial Army, contesting Rochdale for the Conservatives in the 2015 general election. She was deputy chairman of the London Conservative Women's Organisation. She decided to join the Liberal Democrats recently after meeting party leader Tim Farron.

  • Article: Jun 5, 2017

    The Economist has endorsed the Liberal Democrats one week out from polling day. It says they "consider a vote for the Lib Dems as a down-payment for the future."

    The influential magazine argues that "the leaders of both main parties have turned away from a decades-old vision of an open, liberal country" leaving only Tim Farron and the Liberal Democrats representing the large majority of British voters who want to live in an open, tolerant and united Britain.

  • Russell Field
    Article: Jun 1, 2017
    By Russell Field

    Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Coventry North East, Russell Field, went to visit Nisha, the Pharmacist at Stoney Stanton Pharmacy, on Thursday 1st June 2017 to discuss the effect of the Conservative government's cuts to pharmacy services.

    Russell said, "I thought the Tories had said they would not cut the NHS and were putting more money in. In fact, they are cutting £200m from the pharmacy budget, disguised as "efficiency savings", hitting all pharmacies that are within a mile of another one. Which means leafy Tory shire seats won't be affected but in densely-populated areas with lower life expectancy levels, such as Foleshill, the cuts will hit hard.

  • Article: May 21, 2017

    The Liberal Democrats recently distributed a letter signed by Dr Clare Gerada setting out her view on the challenges facing the NHS.

    Clare absolutely stands by those comments however the letter did contain incorrect details regarding Clare's time at the Royal College of General Practitioners. We thank Clare for publicising her concerns about our NHS and apologise for the drafting error. Here is the correct version of Clare's letter:

  • Article: May 20, 2017

    With the announcement of the Conservative manifesto today, Theresa May has shown her true colours. I've scarcely seen a colder, more mean-spirited agenda in my entire career.

    There's no doubt about it: the Nasty party is back. The Tories are hitting families from cradle to grave by snatching school lunches from children and homes from the elderly.