Coventry #INtogether

  • Russell Field at University Hospital Coventry
    Article: Apr 18, 2016

    University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, or Walsgrave Hospital as many still call it, has been performing poorly in seeing people within 4 hours in its A&E department.

    Just 77% of patients are being seen within 4 hours, lower than government targets.

    Coventry Lib Dem campaigner Russell Field said:

  • Britain in Europe
    Article: Apr 17, 2016

    With the EU referendum due soon, Coventry Lib Dem campaigner Russell Field has made his stance on the issue clear.

    "I believe, along with many Lib Dems, that being in the EU is vital for the British economy and for Britain's future. Britain benefits from being part of the world's biggest trading block, exporting almost 45% of our sales abroad to EU Countries. Over half (53%) of our imports come from the EU, exempt from tariffs, meaning a better deal for consumers.

  • Baroness Olly Grender
    Article: Apr 15, 2016

    The Government has agreed a Liberal Democrat amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill, which protects vulnerable tenants from being wrongly evicted.

    Under the Housing & Planning Bill, landlords get faster access to a property if they believe the tenant has abandoned it.

    The successful amendment requires a landlord to get in touch with a third party such as a charity, local authority or individual who has helped to pay the tenant's deposit. If the landlord gets a response that the tenant has not abandoned the property they can't change the locks and reclaim it.

  • Tim Farron 2016
    Article: Apr 10, 2016
    By Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats

    The politics of envy helps no-one, but trust in politics does.

    I have no desire to poke around in the Prime Minister's private wealth, and definitely have no desire to force him to relive the pain of losing his father, having to confront that time all over again through the pages of national newspapers.
    It is absolutely essential that British people have full confidence in our leaders, and that when decisions are made and Budgets are written there is not even a slightest hint of a conflict of interest or personal gain. But we are now in a position where people no longer have complete faith in this Government's decisions.