Sir Vince Visits Midlands for European Elections 2019

May 25, 2019 8:44 AM

Sir Vince speaks to LBC at Birmingham New Street for European Elections 2019On Tuesday 21st May, the Coventry Liberal Democrats hosted an "Afternoon of Action" to campaign for the European Elections which took place on Thursday 23rd May.

The afternoon began with a campaign event where Sir Vince Cable visited Birmingham New Street Station to campaign for the European Elections 2019.

He was joined by a significant contingent of Liberal Democrat supporters included members of the Coventry Liberal Democrat Executive Committee and West Midlands MEP Candidates.

During the afternoon, Sir Vince outlined how the Lib Dems had gained support as a result of their clear and unequivocal opposition to Brexit and support of a People's Vote.

When asked if he believed the Lib Dems could come second, Sir Vince said: "It might well happen. There's quite a lot of momentum behind it. The key thing that's happened over the last few days is that a lot of Labour people have just got very disillusioned with Corbyn's equivocation.

"Most Labour voters and most Labour MPs and activists are for remaining and want a people's vote. The fact that he hasn't been willing to come out and support that position outright has caused a lot of Labour people to break away."

He said: "We had a very clear, unequivocal, honest message."

Following this campaign event, the Coventry Liberal Democrats hosted a Campaign Celebration in War Memorial Park.

It was an opportunity to thank our supporters, members and volunteers who have been fantastic in helping us campaign for the European Elections.

Vice Chair Nukey Proctor said, "We have had fantastic support from members, supports and volunteers who are as energised as we are about campaigning for the European Elections. The current government have presided over a Brexit shambles that has already damaged our local economy.

"It has been important to us that we send an unequivocal message about Brexit.

Coventry Liberal Democrats in Memorial Park

"It has also been heartening and inspiring to see so many people who feel the same way become more active and this was our opportunity to say thank you to all of those who have helped out."

The European Elections took place on Thursday 23rd May, with the results set to be announced over the course of Sunday 26th May.