Coventry Lib Dems Leap to Second in Wainbody By-Election

September 6, 2019 12:54 PM
By Kassidy Dawn & Nukey Proctor

James Morshead and Cov Lib Dems Chair Stephen Richmond

The Liberal Democrats saw our vote share more than double in the Wainbody ward by-election, where a competitive campaign resulted in an increase of +16% from May 2018.

The significant surge in voters represents the huge strides taken by the Liberal Democrats in Coventry in recent months and comes off the back of vote increases at both the May 2019 Local Elections and European Elections.

The Liberal Democrat candidate James Morshead put up a vigorous campaign, ensuring voters were aware of his key priorities to stop the Kings Hill development, deliver cleaner air for Coventry and provide better public transport routes. In response to this result, he told the local press:

"I would like to thank voters for the warm reception I received on the doorsteps and the countless volunteers who gave their time to contribute to my campaign. This increase in support demonstrates that our clear message, locally and nationally, is resonating with voters in Coventry.

"I wish Mattie the best of luck in her new role. I hope she will now deliver on the commitment she gave to oppose the King's Hill development and ensure we have a full picture of the impact building 4,500 houses would have on air pollution in Finham and Green Lane."

Thursday's results represent an exciting nationwide shift towards a brighter, more liberal future for Britain. It acts as a further example of the increasing Lib Dem presence across the country and the local party are keen to emphasise their commitment to diversifying what has been for many years, a Tory-Labour duopoly in the city.

Thank you to the countless members and volunteers who spent time engaging with almost 3,000 voters in the Wainbody ward. Let us continue to push for socially relevant and locally engaged governance and demand better.