Coventry Lib Dems set out Campaign Priorities

November 13, 2019 6:22 PM
In Coventry Observer

Jo Swinson Launches Lib Dem CampaignCoventry Liberal Democrats today said a vote for their party will help stop Brexit, delivering a "remain bonus" that could transform local public services and boost the economy.

Speaking as they launched their local campaign, candidates Stephen Richmond, Nukey Proctor and Greg Judge said the Lib Dems are the biggest, strongest remain party in Coventry - and the only major party campaigning to stop Brexit.

Key local campaign priorities for the Lib Dems include:

- stopping Brexit and securing Coventry's share of a £50bn remain bonus to invest in public services like the NHS;

- supercharging investment in renewable energy to tackle the climate crisis and building on Coventry's world leading position as a hub for research into green technologies like batteries;

- revitalising Coventry's city centre, supporting small and medium businesses and tackling homelessness;

- tackling inequality and investing in health and social care.

Commenting, Coventry North East candidate Nukey Proctor said:

"For too many people in Coventry, things aren't working as they should be. Local families who are working hard and playing by the rules have been let down. The Conservatives and Labour are stuck in the past, failing time and again to deliver for local families and businesses. The Liberal Democrats have an ambitious plan for the future of our country, where every single person and community can thrive.

"That starts with stopping Brexit and investing a £50bn remain bonus in cities like Coventry which have been let down and taken for granted by Tory and Labour governments."

Coventry South candidate Stephen Richmond added:

"The result of the European election earlier this year showed clearly that the Liberal Democrats are the biggest, strongest remain party in Coventry and right across the UK. We are the only major party campaigning to stop Brexit and build a brighter future.

"Our plan would help tackle the climate emergency by supercharging investment in renewable energy. It will give every child the best start in life by recruiting 20,000 more teachers across the UK. Crucially, by stopping Brexit we would remove the dark cloud hanging over businesses like Jaguar Land Rover that are so important to our local economy."

Coventry North West candidate Greg Judge added:

"Getting the UK out of Boris Johnson's Brexit mess offers Coventry the chance of a fresh start. We can put the gridlock behind us and focus on local issues like revitalising our city centre, tackling homelessness and - backed by our share of a £50bn remain bonus - secure fresh investments to protect our place as a powerhouse in innovation and manufacturing.

"Boris Johnson lost his majority, was defeated on multiple occasions in Parliament, unlawfully shut down democracy, and was forced to apologise to the Queen. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour is divided on Brexit - the biggest issue for the UK since the end of the second world war - and are refusing to back remain.

"If the Conservatives or Labour win at this election, it's Coventry that will lose. Our message to the voters is clear - if you want to stop Brexit and build a brighter future, you need to vote for the Liberal Democrats on Thursday 12 December."