Greg Judge - Coventry South

Greg JudgeGreg has lived in Coventry all his life, first in Earlsdon and now in Canley. A committed campaigner, he has previously stood in Earlsdon and Westwood wards for the Council, and most recently for Coventry South in the 2015 General Election.

Greg is standing again to represent his community in Parliament because Coventry deserves national champions who will fight for the real interests of all Coventrians. Local NHS services under pressure, schools' funding stretched and a hard Brexit that impacts harshly on low-income families and local businesses are issues that Greg cares about for Coventry.

"The Conservatives have ignored the views of Remain voters and Brexit voters too. Both sides accepted the importance of free trade and enterprise but the Conservatives are determined on Hard Brexit, taking Britain out of the Single Market. A huge 44% of Britain's exports go to European countries. Lib Dems don't believe in extreme Brexit. We will fight for a deal that is best for British trade and enterprise."

Greg is currently working for a medical research charity, influencing Government and other parties on funding more cancer research for patients. Experienced in health policy, Greg has previously worked for a national care campaign, working with health professionals and campaigners.

Having also worked inside Parliament for several years, Greg has the skills to champion Coventry to those who can change our city for the good. He has been a trustee of a national charity and currently advises a human rights campaign on helping to protect our privacy and stopping the Government snoop on us all online.

Time spent as a school Governor of a local primary school is one reason why Greg is concerned about frontline cuts to school and college budgets. The Liberal Democrats will invest over £51 million extra funding into our Coventry schools and colleges over the next parliament, to ensure no school and no child loses out.